Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally I'M free

yeah im free now

finally its over..

start from now

i can  do what ever i want 

futsal   <---here i come

jogging as well

altough diz sem is not the harder sem compare to coming sem 
but its really make me tension, depressed and made me lose a feeling to study

thanx to my lovely lect who failed my coursework
i'll show u who i am

                                            i am what i am

i'll never beg 4 extra mark
 n i wont tackle ur hearts 4 that reason coz it is not me

for myris rianna
thanx 4 ur support
ur advise ur tym
and ur love
you blew a spirit that make realized that i've somethings which is still not over yet

once we start we have to finished it

and i promised to myself that i'll change

change from a to z

from 0 to 9

heloo new sem

new me will come


  1. jom enjoy!!!
    huhu, aku minggu dpn baru abes... ceit... gase lame laa plak.. ehe...

  2. aku jugak yang tgh bengang ngan exam yang mendatang ni!!!

  3. jom la friendly..dtg subang la..sini murah sket

  4. peh, jauh siot nak g kat sane....

  5. pergh....nak ajak afan g makan chicken chop la pas ni..

  6. aku tak nak ajak kerr????