Friday, February 27, 2009

a bit about guys..gurlz read this

what is guy?
what he want?
why he changed?

diz is all bout guys.. read b4 u judge d guy..n neva judge d book by its cover..

-some guys hate being flirts

-a guy cn like a gurls 4 a minute n then 4get gurlz afterwards

-guys may b flirting around all day bt b4 they go 2 sleep, they always think bout da girlz they truly care/love bout

-when a guys rely like a girl , he wil disregard all ur bad characteristics

-guys go crazy over a girls smile

-guys wil do anything juz to get the girl attention

-Guys hate it when gurl talk bout her exbf

-when u touch a guy hearts there is no turning back

-guys go crazy when girls touch their hands

-guys r goodd flatterers when courting but they usualy stammer when they talk 2 a girl they really like

-guys hate gays

-guys love their moms

-a guy often thinks bout da girls who like him,bt its doesnt means dat d guy like her

-u can neva understand him unless u listen 2 him

-if a guy tells u he loves u once in a lyftimes,he does

-Guys also can make gossips scatter through half of da face of da earth faster than girls can

-Girls are guys weakness

-guys are very open about themselves

-guys didnt expect to having sex evrytym

- he juz wana be with u..

- he gone crayzee when he missed u

- he cant live by himself when u r not around..

- he cant do anything when u leave him

- he juz keep thinking of u 24 hours 7 days of weeks when u leave him..

- he still love u even he keep saying he doesnt love u anymore

- a guys always waiting 4 ur calls when ur broke up

-a guy want u to start first..

- try call d guy n sure he will pick up d phone..

- guy is very sentimental

- a guy heart will b touch when he feel lonely..

- and when he saw couple holding hand

-he will keep pretending he is happy even his hearts crying..

-a guy wont his frenz noe bout his probs..

- a guy will do anything to get his love back

-he can become very passive if other guy try to tackle his gf..

- guy dont like his gf contact with other guy

- a guy is natural..he will act when u start..

- sex is not evrytng in guys head..

- he juz wana spend his tym with u..

- guy always pretending

-No guy is bad when he is courting

-guys really admire girl dat they like even if they are not dat much pretty

-a usual act dat proves dat da guy like u is when he teases u

-guy tend 2 get SERIOUS wit their relationship n bcome too POSSESSIVE.

-guys are tigers in their peer groups but bcome tamed pussycats with their gf

-when a guy says he is going crazy bout da girl,he really is

-when a guy loves u,bring out da best in him

-if a guy starts 2 talk seriously,listen 2 him

-a guy may instantly know if da girl like him but can neva be sure unless da girl tells him

-guys love girls who can cook or bake

guys like girl who are lyk their moms,NO KIDDING!

-dun be biased,try loving a guy without prdjudice and u wil be suprised

-Any guys can handle his problems all by his own, he juz too stubborn 2 deal wit it

-when a guy looks u,either he is amazed of u or he is criticizing u

-guys seek 4 advice not from a guy bt frm a girl n maybe ur friends

-if a guy say u r beautiful,dat guys lyk u

-guys love u more than u love them if they are serious in their relationships

-guys realy think dat girls are strange n have unpredictable decisions bt stil love them more

-guys r more talkative than girls esspecialy when da topic bout girls

Dont  throw a guy like a rubbish when u wont him anymore..n dont insult him juz bcoz he's not rich like u..

believed me, he will change n prove to u that u make a mistake..
try to love n appreaciate him

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