Sunday, August 9, 2009

When a men will text you but wont u agree with that???

i just found this article from this blog, i dont agreed with that..

Everybody uses text messaging. If you are not careful, text can take the place of real conversations in person and on the telephone.

How can you prevent text messaging from taking over
your life and your love relationships?The answer is simple.

First, realize that text messages are the lazy man's dream. He can text you all he wants, but he doesn't have to put the energy or attention into a real conversation. He has you hanging around for his next his text message, while he is texting at his convenience.

Do not let him get away with this lazy way of being in contact with you.
Do not hang around waiting for his next text message.

Sign off, and do not text him back for hours or even for days.
One or two text messages is enough.

After that, walk away and don't text anymore.
Men do not respond to more and more text messages and whiny conversation about why they don't call you.

Remember, men respond to no contact.

Second, be sweet about it. When a man tries to get away with just texting but never calling, tell him in a sweet way that you do not really like texting because it is so limiting and one-dimensional.
You can simply say that you feel texting can be a big time waster.

You send the message that your time is valuable and you use your time wisely because you are worth it. Be nice when you say it.

Do NOT suggest that he call you instead. Men know what they are supposed to do.
They know they are supposed to call you. When you send a sweet, simple message that you won't be around for endless texting, he will get the message.

If he continues to text you anyway, give him no contact with you. Do not respond.
Give him enough time and he will pick up the phone.
This might take up to three days because guys are slower than girls, but give him time and he will call.

If you limit your text messaging, you will be rewarded with real telephone calls and genuine conversation and you get to hear his nice voice.

Say NO to endless texting. Your relationship and conversations will be more fun when you do!

Arefun <=== sumtym laki2 terlampau bz nk dgn text messaging kitorang bley bwt 2 kerja dlm satu, 'multi tasking'.. sambil bwt keja,sambil text our gf.. bukannye malas nk call


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  2. for me, x ksh la..jnji honest da..jgn ckp x leh col sbb bz tp sbnrnye ade awek len kt sblh..haha